01 / Dynamic Box

The goal of this project was to understand the concept and the extinction of dynamic elements within the context of a dynamic cardboard box. In my personal experience with this project, I drafted up many variations of what I wanted this to be. After the sketching and the google-sketch-up, I took elements from the concepts that spoke to me and combined them to create this dynamic cube. Measuring was an piece that was difficult to get exact so I had to adjust and remeasure a few times.

02 / Wire Shoe Skeleton

This shoe skeleton project was a fun one. I drew inspiration from a shoe from the previous years and used thick wire to create a two layer soul to the bottom of the shoe. The rest of the shoe was much easier to mold as the wire was thinner and more malleable. Using the measurements that were given and measured out with the tangible shoe, I proportioned each significant notable part of the shoe to its larger self. The final product ended up showing the essence of the original shoe but didn’t become overwhelming.

03 / Construction

These two morphed objects of an avocado and dice was a really rewarding project. I didn’t know what I was doing at first which made the beginning stages of this a struggle. Once I got the initial skeleton of the cube together, I found it easier to create the other elements. This project was really about digging in and getting your hands dirty by learning tactile learning. It held many challenges along the way but in the end, felt really satisfying to come to the end physical product.

04 / Installation / Scale-Form Combination

This scale-form project was by far the most rewarding of all of them. One thing I really enjoyed was the overall creation of the turtle. I feel like that is the first and foremost part of this piece that I put my heart into. There were complications with the kayak in which i didn’t foresee in the original sketch, but ended up being a nice addition to the focal point of the turtle. The turtle is very much dominant in this piece and creates a nice contrast in color, shape and size. If I were to go back and try this again, I would spend a bit more time on the geometric object and give it almost as much love as I gave the turtle.

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